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When we talk about an AC service, it entails a range of activities—from visual inspections to preventative maintenance that can help keep your system running smoothly. The service cost depends on what kind of equipment is used and what needs to be done. For example, you might expect to pay a higher price when repairing something than when doing routine maintenance work.

If you want to service a commercial AC unit, your rates will be increased due to the size and complexity of the system. That being said, we’ll go over the average costs of these services below.

Commercial AC Repair Cost

The cost of AC repair services depends on an AC technician’s hourly rate and any additional parts or materials required to finish the job. Generally, labor costs can range between $140/hr for regular work and an increased price of $210/hr when overtime is included. In certain cases, companies may mandate a minimum of one hour for any repair job and then charge based on time and materials once the technician has identified the problem.

Commercial AC Unit Maintenance Cost

Preventative AC maintenance is generally much cheaper than repair work because it’s normally nothing more than a visual inspection and routine cleaning. You can expect to pay also by the hour for this service, around $100. 

To ensure that your AC unit is running at optimal efficiency, many property owners choose to enroll in a preventative maintenance plan. While every company has its own individualized plans, they typically include an initial inspection, regular filter changes, and periodic tune-ups. Investing in these services will help your air conditioning system last longer and operate better.

What Influences the Cost of AC Services?

The price of an air conditioning service varies significantly between residential and commercial services, making it a major factor when deciding on the total cost. Residential AC services are cheaper than commercial services, as they don’t require the same level of experience or specialized equipment.

How Old Is the AC System

If your AC system is relatively new, repairs may be cheaper than if you have an older model. This is because of the parts and labor costs associated with repairing an old system. Newer systems may also have more advanced features like digital thermostats and energy-efficient motors, which can help reduce AC service costs.

Additional Parts/Labor Needed

Additional parts or labor may sometimes be necessary to repair your AC unit. The cost of these parts and labor will vary depending on the complexity of the repair job, so it’s important to consider that when estimating the total cost.

Where You Live

The cost of a service also depends on where you live, as some areas may have higher labor costs than others. If you live in a city or town with higher labor costs, you can expect to pay more for HVAC services than in a rural area.

Your Climate

The climate of the area you live in can also affect the cost of the service. For example, if you live in an area that experiences extreme temperatures, like hot summers or cold winters, you may need additional AC services to keep your system running efficiently. In the case of Washington state, it is especially important to have regular maintenance and inspections done on your AC system every year.

How Often You Clean and Maintain the System

Finally, the frequency at which you clean and maintain your AC system can significantly impact the cost of services. Regular maintenance, such as changing filters, cleaning coils, and checking for leaks, can help extend the life of your system and reduce the overall cost of AC services.

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