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3 Signs Your Commercial HVAC System Needs to Be Repaired

​Just like your HVAC system at home, your commercial HVAC system needs some occasional TLC. If you’ve missed the past few occasions for maintenance, or even if you haven’t but your unit is old, it may need a major repair now. It’s tough to know when it’s finally time to make a call to Kennewick WA HVAC repair technicians. After all, you’re running a business and have a lot on your mind!

A wide range of factors can cause your unit to become less effective, behave strangely, or break down altogether. Without spending too much of your day worrying about your commercial HVAC unit, here are a few easy things to look, smell, and hear that will let you know that your unit needs to be repaired:

You’ve noticed a sharp uptick in your monthly electric bill

No one wants to spend more on their bills than they need to, especially a business trying to stay under budget. If your electric bill is steadily getting higher and higher, it is quite possible your HVAC unit is struggling to do its job. This could be because the unit is older, or you have a refrigerant leak, or many other reasons. A professional technician will be able to tell you for sure.

The unit isn’t keeping the building as cool or as warm as it should be

While the temperature varies greatly outside based on what time of the year it is, how it feels inside your building shouldn’t change much whether it is December or June. You, your staff members, and your customers want to feel comfortable while inside. If it’s too warm in the summer or too cold in the winter, your unit isn’t able to keep up.

Odd smells or sounds are coming from your HVAC unit

Just like a car, an elevator, your dishwasher, or just about any other machine, you never want odd noises or smells coming from your HVAC unit. Screeching, squealing, and hissing noises, along with the odor of burning rubber all point towards the need for a repair.

Don’t let this go any longer! Reach out to the trusted professionals at Coffey Refrigeration, Kennewick, WA’s go-to team for any type of commercial HVAC repair. Call us at (509) 586-1519 or email If your unit has already stopped functioning altogether, be sure to let us know you need a technician sent out right away!

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