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We often think of a refrigerator as being used in people’s personal homes, but the truth is there are many commercial businesses that need them as well. Everything from a restaurant to a deli to a grocery store to school’s cafeteria to an office building’s break room need their refrigerator to be running efficiently. So, what happens when it’s not? You call in the commercial refrigerator repair experts at Coffey Refrigeration! Our expert service technicians handle all of these problems, and more:

#1 Your refrigerator is leaking water. You happen to walk by the fridge and see either water dripping out or a pool of water underneath it. Talk about a bad day! There’s a few different reasons why this may be happening. A clogged drain hose, the defrost drain being open, or the gasket around the door being old and worn out could be to blame. We will figure out which issue it is and fix it.

#2 Your refrigerator isn’t cooling properly. This is a big problem! The last thing you want is to have your products go bad and for your company to lose money. Warm foods means it either needs to be tossed out or you risk getting people sick, neither of which is good. If your refrigerator is having trouble maintaining its cold temperature, the thermostat, door gasket, or a blocked drain could all be the issue. 

#3 There is fluid in fresh food compartments. You don’t want anything ruining your refrigerated food. You have a business to run and having damaged products makes that impossible to do successfully. If fluid has accumulated in the fresh food compartments of your refrigerator, it could be the result of old or damaged door seals. We’ll examine your door seals and go from there. 

#4 Your refrigerator stopped running. There’s no greater problem than this! If your refrigerator stopped working completely, the first thing to check to make sure it’s still plugged in. In a commercial setting, sometimes the plug is knocked loose by accident. After that, give us a call and we’ll be there as soon as possible to check the thermostat. Chances are good that you need to have it replaced. 

#5 Your refrigerator is making strange noises. When a machine or appliance of any kind starts making odd noises, this is its way of telling you “I need help!” A commercial refrigerator that is making strange or loud noises may be trying to say that the compressor motor is failing or the fan is wearing out. Don’t worry, we can fix both of these problems.

We’ve been solving problems like this for the Kennewick, WA area for decades. You can be our next satisfied commercial client! Contact us right away and let us know you’re having trouble with your commercial refrigerator. We’ll be out soon!

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