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Running a business or managing a building means you have a lot on your plate every day. The last thing you need is for something to break and give you one more task. For this reason, it’s tempting to ignore all of the red flags that your building’s HVAC unit isn’t working properly. 

Don’t do this! If you put off a needed commercial HVAC repair, you’ll find yourself with a much more serious situation in the end. What you need is a repair done quickly, and by someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

 Don’t Put Off Hiring for Commercial HVAC Repair

If your unit isn’t working as well as it should, the next step is going to be even worse. It’s going to break all together! If you wait for this to happen, you’re looking at a much larger repair bill as well as downtime where the building is not able to be occupied. You’ll be kicking yourself for not getting it repaired before it reached this state!

 Find a Commercial HVAC Repair Specialist

There’s a big difference between commercial and residential HVAC systems. Just a few of the biggest differences between the two include:

 #1 Tonnage (Power)

Commercial environments are larger and have significantly more people to keep comfortable than a residential unit. An HVAC that is able to keep a large building, like office space, school, or restaurant, cool needs to be really powerful. These commercial units require a higher tonnage output for adequate cooling and heating. 

 #2 Drainage

A residential HVAC system’s drainage is often a single pan. The size and power of most commercial systems make drainage much more complicated. It is common for commercial HVAC systems to include multiple pipes and pans to accommodate drainage, ensure complete evaporation, and prevent overflowing.

 #3 Complexity

Residential systems are relatively simple in their design and the components used. Because of the extra power and additional drainage pipes, commercial HVACs are also more complex. As well, commercial HVAC systems often require additional components to limit or restrict treated air in various zones of the building. Commercial units also tend to require advanced systems for exhaust alleviation, which are not needed for a residential HVAC.

For these three reasons, you need someone who knows exactly what they are doing when you hire them for commercial HVAC repair. You need a specialist! 

 Coffey Refrigeration is the Commercial HVAC Repair Team You’re Looking for

Large, commercial HVAC systems require specialized care, mainly due to the complexity and size of the unit. When your commercial HVAC needs work, you need someone who knows exactly what to do for a job this big. 

Those in the Kennewick area can call upon the team at Coffey Refrigeration! We only handle commercial work, so we know exactly what needs to be done to install, maintain, and repair your commercial HVAC system. 

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