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Summer has finally arrived. While this may mean spending more time outdoors, having BBQs, swimming, and soaking up the sun, it also means air conditioners are working their hardest. This is particularly true for commercial HVAC units that must keep an entire building cool, not just a residential home. Have you ever wondered how they do it? How does a commercial HVAC system work?

How a Commercial HVAC System Works

Letting your building get too hot during the summer months isn’t an option. You need to make sure your HVAC system stays in good shape. Failure to maintain and identify commercial HVAC system issues can lead to a whole host of issues, including OSHA violations, illness spreading, a loss of income, and much more. 

Commercial HVAC systems need to condition and ventilate larger structures than residential systems do. You’d assume that its components are larger in order to accomplish this, and you’d be correct. In fact, a commercial HVAC unit can be up to 10 times bigger and more powerful than a residential unit. That’s pretty amazing!

This is a pretty complicated piece of machinery. Cooling the air is done via a process that extracts hot indoor air and cools it through refrigerant or water-cooled systems, eliminating the extra humidity at the same time. Ventilation is accomplished by extracting contaminated air out of the building while maintaining clean air. Ventilation systems use fans to introduce the necessary outside air, pass both the outdoor and re-used indoor air through filtration, and expel the building’s contaminated air. 

It does more than cool, remember. It also circulates the internal air and removes any excess humidity. This keeps the CO2 at under 1000 molecules per million. An effective ventilation system reduces odors, dilutes CO2, and even prevents respiratory diseases from spreading. Without your HVAC system working properly, unwanted particles would make the air feel stale and allow mold and mildew growth. 

Commercial HVAC Repair and Replacements in Kennewick

How does a commercial HVAC system work? Now you know a little bit more, but not as much as a trained and experienced technician! Why would you? You have your own job to focus on! Owners and managers of commercial buildings already have a slew of responsibilities. You can’t possibly be expected to understand all of the inner workings of a commercial HVAC system. That is what we are here for!

Clearly, a lot of pieces need to be in working order so a commercial HVAC unit can keep your building nice and cool this summer. If you suspect an issue, Coffey Refrigeration can come to your restaurant, warehouse, store, office, or any other commercial building to perform an inspection and repair.

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