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How Long Will My Commercial HVAC Last?

No company has an unlimited budget, even the biggest, world-wide corporations. If a global enterprise needs to keep within their financial means, your business certainly does too! That is why you know you can’t be taken by surprise by a sudden large repair or installation bill. Your commercial HVAC lifespan is a big deal, because needing to purchase a new unit will cost you thousands. No machine lasts forever, and even the best-made commercial HVAC will reach its end-of-life and will need to be replaced. But, how close is that from happening to you? One of the most common questions we get here at Coffey Refrigeration is “How long will my commercial HVAC last?” Let’s explore the answer to this in more depth:

In general, a commercial HVAC system can expect a lifespan of ten to fifteen years. This is somewhat shorter than a residential unit, because they work harder and cover a larger space. Some will fail before a decade and some may go a little longer, though. The key factors for determining commercial HVAC lifespan include:

  1. The quality of its parts
  2. efficiency of system design
  3. Whether it was initially installed correctly
  4. How hard it needs to work
  5. Skill of the technicians sent to maintain it

Take a closer look at number five. That is where our experts can help you get a longer lifespan from your commercial HVAC unit! Frequent, well-planned HVAC maintenance done by the experts at Coffey Refrigeration means your commercial system can expect to have its lifespan increased by approximately 33%. That’s great news for business owners everywhere!

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