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Around your company, you like for things to last as long as possible. This applies to everything from the office supplies to your staff members to yes, even your commercial HVAC unit. After all, a HVAC unit of any type represents a pretty sizable financial investment. This is even more true for a commercial model, which is typically more expensive than a residential version because it has to work harder to cool and heat a larger space. No wonder you want your commercial HVAC to last for years to come! The question is…. will it? That’s what we’re here to answer today.

How Many Years Will Your Commercial HVAC Last?

The last thing you want is a surprise repair bill. Even worse… What if it’s not actually a repair bill but instead a bill to replace the HVAC unit? If you don’t have money set aside for an expense like this, you could find yourself struggling in your quarterly budget. For this reason, you want to know when you can and should expect to replace your unit. How many years will a commercial HVAC system last in Kennewick?

The answer is, “it depends.” In general, you can expect your company’s commercial HVAC system to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. Five years is a pretty big window, so what makes the difference? For one, the brand. A luxury sports car will probably be on the road longer than a cheap subcompact, right? That’s not all. You’ll also want to ensure that your company is following best practices and teaming up with the right HVAC maintenance and efficiency experts. By doing so, you can expand the system life of your commercial HVAC unit by about 33%. 

If you do your own research on the subject, you’re going to find many different answers. Don’t be discouraged! Although there are many factors that influence longevity, all of them can be optimized. Even if you took over the building and didn’t get to choose the brand of HVAC, you can still make sure you keep up with it. Just like cars, golf carts, and pretty much any other type of machine, regular maintenance and small repairs before they become big repairs is going to be the difference in how long it ultimately lasts.

Commercial HVAC Repairs and Replacements

You can’t trust just anyone for a job this important. Those in the Kennewick area can call upon the commercial HVAC experts at Coffey Refrigeration! We offer full commercial and industrial HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair services. Is your going to last much longer? Will a simple repair do or do you need a replacement? Are you maintaining your HVAC the way it needs to be kept up with in order to get the most life out of it? We want to be your go-to commercial HVAC team to answer all of these questions in a way that gives you peace of mind.

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