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how often should air conditioning units be serviced

If you have been asking yourself, “how often should air conditioning units be serviced?” maybe it’s time to do it. Before the summer starts, make sure you get your AC serviced by a local HVAC professional.

Spring is the ideal season to arrange maintenance on air conditioners. One of the key reasons for this, among many others that we’ll go over in more detail below, is that you want to get your cooling systems ready before the times of the year when you’ll need them most.

How Often Should AC Maintenance Be Done?

air conditioner maintenance

You should do maintenance on your home air conditioning system at least once a year. A once-a-year air conditioner service appointment is always necessary, even though regular check-ins and cleanings throughout the year are always a good idea to ensure your system is functioning properly.

By scheduling seasonal air conditioner maintenance, you can make the most of your time, your money, and the durability and efficiency of your AC system. 

As mentioned, spring is the ideal season to plan HVAC maintenance. You have several alternatives for setting up a service appointment with a qualified HVAC professional because the weather is warm enough to run your cooling system without concern. Here are some benefits to have in mind about frequent maintenance.

Advantages of routine AC maintenance:

  • Boost indoor air quality
  • Improve the energy efficiency of the HVAC system
  • Extend the lifespan of your HVAC system.
  • Reduce energy consumption and costs
  • Increased comfort at your property

What Does Air Conditioner Maintenance Include?

If you book an AC maintenance appointment, the technician should go through the following:

  • A complete examination of the AC unit from the inside out
  • Remove any dust or debris that has built on the system by wiping it down
  • Make sure the thermostat is operating properly
  • Replace air filters if necessary after cleaning them
  • Condensate pump cleaning

How Long Does Air Conditioning Maintenance Take?

An annual or semestral HVAC maintenance appointment typically lasts between one and two hours. However, this can vary considerably depending on a number of variables. These variables include the kind of air conditioner you have, the size of your house, and the interval since your last tune-up. Depending on the nature and amount of the repairs needed, the AC repair service may take longer.

Keep Your Property in Optimal Condition

It’s always a good time to schedule maintenance on your HVAC unit. After all, this system works hard all year providing heating or cooling to your space. However, there is a specific time of year that works better than others.

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