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When you think of needing a HVAC technician to come fix your unit, you probably imagine needing one because it’s far too hot. Perhaps the unit won’t turn on at all or maybe it is struggling to keep a large area cool. These are certainly times when calling for commercial HVAC repair would be required, but they’re not the only ones. 

We encourage you to think about whether your HVAC unit is actually running efficiently or not. If it isn’t, it is just as important to call Coffey Refrigeration for a commercial HVAC repair than if the unit were shut down completely.

What Makes a HVAC System Inefficient?

If your filters are extra clogged, your motors aren’t lubricated, or your unit is very old, it’s not running efficiently. An inefficient system uses a lot of energy. This means it is working much harder to produce the same amount of cool or warm air for your building. All of this effort means more electricity used, which you’ll see in your monthly bills. This is the first sign of a malfunctioning system.

How to Know Your HVAC is Inefficient

It’s much better for everyone if your HVAC system gets a tune-up when it is inefficient, before it’s broken or nonfunctional. Don’t fool yourself- that is the next step! The question is, how can you know your HVAC system isn’t running efficiently? Here are a few tell-tale signs:

#1 High Electric Bills

More than likely, the first place you notice the inefficiency of your system is on your monthly bills. A sudden spike in your electric bill can be a sign of trouble. If your electric bill rises suddenly with no change in weather, season, or utility rates, it’s time to call for a commercial HVAC repair.

#2 Your Unit is Old

An old system is an inefficient system, one that has to work extra hard to keep up. Compare the gas mileage of a 2022 model car to one released 20 years ago. Vehicles today are significantly more fuel efficient. The same concept applies to HVAC units! 

You can expect your company’s commercial HVAC system to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. The fact is that outdated HVAC units simply can’t do their job as well as they did before, and they probably never did it that well to begin with. If your system is requiring more and more repairs and maintenance, it may be that it is aging out of its useful life and needs to be replaced.

#3 You Notice Drainage Problems

Leaks or water buildup are other common signs of an inefficient HVAC system. A blocked condensation line prevents condensed water from draining properly. Eventually, this could result in the system working overtime, plus unhealthy biological growth in the moist areas of the unit.

Call Coffey Refrigeration for a Commercial HVAC Repair

Keeping your HVAC unit in optimum condition will help ensure your comfort, as well as prolong the usable life of your system. It will also save on expensive repair and replacement costs in the future. The team to call is Coffey Refrigeration. We serve all commercial organizations in the Kennewick area, including restaurants, warehouses, government buildings, and more.

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