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3 Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill

​Now more than ever, we would all use a little more money in the budget. The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the entire world hard, including here in Pasco, WA. You may not have the revenue you did just a few months ago. Or maybe extra rules and regulations have been costly for your business. As companies just like yours struggle to pay bills, keep employees on the payroll, and stay open for business, you should know that one great way to reduce your pains is to lower your electric bill. It is possible! Saving money on your electricity bill doesn’t have to mean serving your customers in the dark. Consider the following:

#1 Stop “vampire power.” Many devices use power even when they’re not turned on or in use. The phenomenon has been called different things, including vampire power. It’s sucking out power, and your money, without you realizing it. In fact, it can account for 5 to 10 percent of your electrical use! That could easily be hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. The best way to combat this is to plug as many of your devices as possible into a power strip so that you can turn off the power when you’re not using the item. This is a good choice for cell phone chargers, your monitor, printer, and other computer accessories. In just a month you’ll see a big drop in your electric bill!

#2 Switch to CFL or LED lighting. Substituting compact fluorescent light (CFL) or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs in your light fixtures is an excellent way to reduce the costs for lighting all around your store, restaurant, or office space. You probably know that “regular” light bulbs aren’t very energy efficient, which is why they’re so cheap. On the other hand, CFL bulbs offer significant energy savings and LED bulbs to provide 80 percent more efficient than what you have now! It’s important to point out that the price of an LED bulb is going to be higher than your current light bulb. A longer-lasting LED that uses less electricity could save you thousands in the long run, so don’t let this sticker shock trick you into picking a cheaper bulb. When you consider the expense of replacing incandescent bulbs, the CFL and LED options only cost more for the initial purchase.

#3 Hire a maintenance company to check for any issues. An inefficient machine is a costly machine. If your commercial HVAC unit, as well your walk-in freezer or any other machine, isn’t running as the manufacturer intended, it means your electric bill is higher than it should. Your HVAC is working harder than it should and using more energy than it should be too. A trained HVAC technician can come up and fix it up to where your electric bill is drastically reduced. That’s great news!

You can reduce your energy use without taking drastic steps. For businesses here in the Pasco, WA area, you have the professionals at Coffey Refrigeration to call upon! Coffey Refrigeration offers full commercial and industrial HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair services. Give us a call at (509) 586-1519 to request our maintenance service right away. We’ll be at your place of business, checking for the efficiency of your HVAC unit, very soon.

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