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As a small- to medium-size business owner, you’re used to doing a lot of things around the company on your own. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you started out your company either by yourself or with just a handful of trusted people. In order to save money and ensure everything is done right, you’ve handled everything from hiring to filling invoices to ordering products to  customer service. Now, you’re facing yet another big crisis: your commercial HVAC unit is on the fritz. Is this another DIY job or should you hire a HVAC technician to come out and take a look?

At any sign of HVAC trouble, you have one question on your mind: How much is this going to cost? We understand! Even though your HVAC is an essential component of your business, you don’t have an unlimited budget to either fix or replace it. That being said, a broken commercial HVAC unit is not the time to save money by fixing it on your own. Here’s why:

#1 It may be far too complicated to do on your own. HVACs are complex mechanical systems, and there are a number of sensitive components that may fail or malfunction, causing the need for repairs. Sure, anyone can change the filter if a dirty filter is blocking the flow of air. What if you need to replace the condenser coil or condensate drain tube? Could you know what needs to be done and also do it correctly? Probably not.

#2 You may do more damage. If you try to fix a commercial HVAC unit and don’t do the job right, you could end up causing more damage than there originally was. More than likely, you’re trying to fix your A/C unit on your own in order to save money, but it is very likely that you will end up doing the opposite! You may even be told you now need a new HVAC unit instead of a repair. 

#3 Your business may be liable. If you’re unable to fix the commercial HVAC unit on your own, your restaurant, office, government building, store, or shop may be very uncomfortable inside. More than this, it may be unhealthy too. If your staff members or customers get too hot or too cold inside your place of business and this causes a health problem for them, you’re looking at a serious issue for you. Don’t take this risk!

Here at Coffey Refrigeration, we try our best to keep you informed every step of the way and keep your final bill as low as possible. This is just one reason we are considered the best HVAC team in the Kennewick area!

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