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What to Expect During a Backflow Preventer Inspection

Whether it comes in the form of backpressure backflow or backflow siphonage, “backflow” is something no business owner ever wants to hear. To put it plainly, this unfortunate occurrence happens when non-potable water streams back into the usable water supply. It is not only nasty, it is a serious potential health crisis situation.

In order to know for sure this isn’t going to happen around your commercial property, you’ll need to hire a professional for annual checkups and a backflow preventer inspection. Be sure to always bring in a backflow trained and licensed professional who has years of experience in the area. For those in the Kennewick, WA, these industry experts are at Coffey Refrigeration.

You’ll want to know what to expect, in order to feel assured you’re getting the best service possible. When testing the device, the backflow certified plumber sent by Coffey Refrigeration will first turn off the downstream shut-off valve and wait for a few minutes. Then he or she will test the pressure in the system by hooking up test kit hoses. This plumbing professional is doing this in order to look for areas where the pressure isn’t what it should be.

As a savvy business owner, you want to know what kind of costs to expect with a service like this. This is understandable! The cost of having your backflow preventer inspected varies, so it’s difficult to say before an inspection and estimate has been done. It’s always worth it, though! After all, you’re talking about making sure contaminants from animal feces, pesticides, and fertilizers aren’t getting into your company’s water.

It’s important to work with a company that’s been around for a long time and has a team of experienced certified backflow professionals. That is Coffey Refrigeration! For more information about our backflow preventer inspection services and to learn why backflow prevention devices are necessary for public health, contact us today at (509) 586-1519.


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